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Alexander Kyle Wright Senior UX & Product Designer

TV Apps Redesign

RightNow Media had existing Roku, Android, Fire TV, and Apple TV apps that were outdated, had a poor user experience, and, in some cases, broken.

Customer Problem

The TV apps make up about 25% of the device usage for our users. The good news was that their designs were outdated. The bad news is that certain apps were completely broken due to device constraints and recent platform upgrades. Our users were unable to access certain apps and had frustrating experiences with others.

Business Problem

The issues with the apps was causing a flood of negative app store reviews, ultimately damaging the business. Additionally, the number of support emails and calls was taking up a good portion of time from our inbound support. Something needed to change.

The Solution

The immediate and most obvious solution was to fix the broken apps. This was easier said than done due to updated technologies with a lack of time and developers to work on them. We partnered with a 3rd party agency to fix and update the existing apps. The process was fairly smooth and fixed the broken apps while greatly improving the user experience and interface. We saw an almost 100% decrease in support tickets for the apps and an increase in store ratings.

Unfortunately, due to updates to a few of the platforms, a couple of our apps have, most recently, broken and are currently preventing users from accessing the content. We are currently working through fixing and updating these issues.

Up Next

Integration of a group chat feature within web and mobile apps.