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Alexander Kyle Wright Senior UX & Product Designer

Interactive Training Platform

During the redesign of the RightNow Media web application, a major focus was the training platform called Interactive Content. This platform lets Owners and Admins of RightNow Media accounts create slide collections with various content types to assign to their users.

The Problem

The current system garnered a long list of problems over the course of about 10 years. Many pieces of content were lengthy to the point of being unusable. Finally, the system needed a design overhaul to match the updated aesthetic and to follow the newly created opinionated component system.

The Business Needs

The Training platform was deeply utilized by a relatively small, but active, percentage of our users. The ability for admins to create their own custom content and to assign it to their members was a game changer for many smaller-sized organizations. By improving the experience, the goal was to increase the total adoption of the tool across our accounts.


Having the component system was helpful to give direction for updating the UI. Within the actual creation tool, I was able to remove numerous unused slide types and combine others into a single type (i.e. Choose one, Choose many into Choice), and add in sections to break the content into logical groupings instead of one long page.

To improve the viewing experience for the user by utilizing a combination of Hick's Law, Law of Uniform Connectedness, Miller's Law, and the Aesthetic-Usability Effect, I broke the single page into a multiple page experience, freeing the user to stop and return at a later time without losing progress.

The management of responses was improved by giving the creators and collaborators export, sort, and multiple data views. Additionally, the panel to assign content to users was designed to create, manage, and assign content to groups of users in addition to entering email addresses.


The release of the Interactive Content updates was rolled out the same time as the RightNow Media Web application update in October of 2021. We received significant positive feedback from our account owners on the updates to the creation and editing flows! Our users responded equally as positively to the viewing flow updates.

Up Next

UI & UX updates for internal video curation platform.